FOTILE Electric Ovens, opens the new fun for cooking

3D convection fan, Dry powder enamel, 40-250 ℃ adjustable temperature, The A-level energy efficiency

Create extravagent feasts with uniform heating

Ever put chicken wings in the oven, only to return 15 minutes later and find that they are cooked unevenly? It's a cooking killjoy.

FOTILE electric ovens uses 3D convection fan to ensure that air circulates throughout the oven without getting trapped in corners. Your food is cooked evenly, ensuring that every bite is well-done and satistfying.

Easy to clean and care for, so you have more motivation for baking

After enjoying a delicious meal, the last thing you want to worry about is food residue left in the oven. That is why we use a special powder coating enamel finish on cavity and trays. It sustains high temperatures without cracking and wipes clean. Using a safe oven lets you rest assuered and enjoy cooking with no worries.

“Enameled baking tray easy to clean”

Wide range of tempreture and precision uniform temperature control make even the most advanced cooking techniques possible

Demonstrate your consummate baking skills, whether it's for a weekend get-together with a few friends or time for a heartfelt family gathering. 40-250℃ adjustable temperature unlocks abundant cooking opportunities to help with your big meal. Awaken your tastebuds with interesting baking experiences made sweeter with friends.

Energy-efficient green design for more efficient baking

The A-level energy-efficient design that consumes less energy than a traditional oven. At the same time, the LOW-E coated glass door keeps the door's temperature in a range acceptable to the human body so there is no risk of burn, even in the case of accidental contact.

(Sourced from FOTILE lab test data)
20% Every oven is used to help you save electricity
FOTILE Electric oven
0.8 kWh
Traditional Electric oven
1.0 kWh
Ms. Gu likes caramel milk pudding, and it takes 30 minutes to make it every time

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